Gorilla glass the best srceen protector

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Gorilla glass the best screen protector

I am going to explain why Gorilla glass is the best screen protector for mobile phones.

Gorilla glass in mobile phones

These days every people want to know that why Gorilla glass is so important. Here is the answer. Read this article fully and you will get your answer.
Gorilla glass 6
Photo credit - https://www.corning.comGorilla glass the best srceen protector

About Company

Gorilla Glass is a brand of specialized  toughened glass by Corning.  Currently the company has lunched its latest  generation glass that is Gorilla glass 6. Corning is very old and specialized brand in the field of glass making. It makes various types of glasses for mobiles,cars,windows etc. The company always try to make a glass thinner,stronger,durable and scratch resistance.

How to it comes in the field of mobile phones?

In earlier days Corning did not make glasses for Mobiles. When apple was going to lunch its Iphone then the company went to corning and tell the corning to make a thin glass that could give the better protection the screen of the Iphone and that became the first phone to have glass that was thin as well as strong. The company gave separate name for this special glass that is Gorilla glass.

Gorilla glass versions

 Corning always try to make their gorilla glass thinner,stronger,durable and scratch less so the company always brings the latest versions of the gorilla glass. Versions of the Gorilla glasses are
Gorilla glass 1
Gorilla glass 2
Gorilla glass 3
Gorilla glass 4
Gorilla glass 5
Gorilla glass 6.

Meaning of the Versions

Versions indicates strengthen in such a way '' hiegher the version better the glass will be ''. It means the Gorilla glass 6 is the best screen protector till now. The company has recently lunched this version and claimed that this version of the glass is 2x stronger than Gorilla glass 5.

Gorilla glass in mobile phones

These days mostly mobile phones comes with Gorilla glass protection because its best performance this glass is costly than its other competitor glasses. So this glass is not given by the mobile company in the lower-end phones. The company claims that 6 billions devices are protected with Gorilla glass.
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Gorilla glass 6

Let's start with what Gorilla Glass 6 can do ? Corning company that makes Gorilla glass 6, says it has focused here on durability over time. In its own testing, the next generation of Gorilla Glass 6 held up over 15 drops from a height of 1 meter on rough surfaces and it survived. That’s up to twice what Gorilla Glass 5, released two years ago, could manage.

Gorilla glass 5

Introduction to Corning Gorilla Glass 5, a new glass solution that increases the bar for protection against more droplets than before, 1.6 meters, hard to avoid shoulder height, falls on some surface to 80% . It is better up to 4x in the drop failure height compared to the competitive specs, whereby consumers drop protection, when they snap photos, go to the video, watch the video or at the shoulder level or other everyday activities Their phone needs to be spoiled. And the best part is that Gorilla Glass 5 is so hard, yet it provides damage resistance, optical clarity and touch sensitivity. Gorilla Glass is famous for ensuring that our mobile devices use the Gorilla Glass 5 The final combination of security and performance for high-resolution touch-enabled devices, covering OEM consumers.


Gorilla glass is the best screen protector till now. If you are planning to buy new phones even in mid range. You must check whether the phone has Gorilla glass protection or not and you should buy the phones has gorilla glass protection.

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