Xiaomi launched its Mi Wireless Charger

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Mi Wireless Charger

Smart phone maker Xiaomi launches its Mi Wireless Charger. This is Universal Fast Charge Edition which comes with Qi Wireless Charging Standard. The price of this charger will be 69 Chinese yuan i.e. around 721 rupees. This charger supports fast charging up to 10 watt. It has many features such as temperature, short circuit, power and over-voltage protection. No information has been given at this time in which it will be launched in India.

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Mi Wireless Charger
Mi Wireless Charger

Features of Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger:

This charger can be charged on Mi MIX 2S, Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X to 7.5 watts, and Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 at 10 watts. This is because it charges 7.5 watt and 10 watts power when using the charging Quick Charge 2.0 or Quick Charge 3.0 adapter. At the same time, if the charger is connected to the 5V / 2A and 5V / 2.4A adapter, the device will get 5 watts of power. Not only this, the USB Type-C interface has been given in this charger. In addition to the charger, USB Type C and USB cable will also be provided. The charger of the device to the user will be found in the LED indicator in it. This charger can charge the device even from a distance of 4 millimetres.

How does wireless charging work?

Wireless charging is not actually wireless. Your smart phone, smart watch, wireless headphones or any other device will not need a wire to charge but it need to put the phone on charging pad.

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 However, the wireless charger will have to plug the wall to work so that it can work. To understand this better, you have to understand that the technology which the wireless charger works on. This charger works on the magnetic induction. This means they use magnetism to transfer energy from one place to another.

What's different in Qi Wireless Charger?

By the way, Qi chargers were limited to magnetic induction, but now it also supports magnetic resonance. It also works just like the method given above. The only difference is that it does not need to be directly in touch with Surface. It can also work from a distance of 45mm. Its specialty is that you can easily charge your device by keeping it in a table or some other place. With this, multiple devices can be charged on single charging pads.

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